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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why I (occasionally) rub my wife's feet.

August 4th, 2001, my wedding day. A lot has changed in the past fifteen years, but one thing has not, the vow we took that day. If you're reading this blog with eager anticipation as to the "why" the title proposed, it's simple, and complex. I (occasionally) rub my wife's feet because she loves it when I do so, and (occasionally), I remember that! If you've been married for a while like us, it's easy to get adapted to the mundane routine of life. I've found it's easy to get complacent in marriage.  I don't want my wife to have a complacent marriage. I want her to never lose the joy we shared  the day she walked down aisle and we committed our lives to each other.  I'm realistic, I know that I've changed, and so has she, that does not leave me with an excuse, it leaves me with a great responsibility, to show her I love her through everything we are blessed to experience together.  I need to rub her feet more than just occasionally because it tells her how much I love her, without saying a word.  
What is one way you battle complacency in your marriage? I'd love to hear! 
We can do this, together. 
Until next time,

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